Bruno Villetelle

Bruno Villetelle currently serves as the Chief Digital Officer for Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Ltd.

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About Bruno Villetelle

Personal Life & Education

Bruno Villetelle grew up in France and settled in Switzerland in the mid 1990’s. He currently resides in the small town of Blonay. When he isn’t watching sports, playing golf, squash, or going for a jog, you can usually find him spending quality time with his wife and family. Possessing both Swiss and French citizenship, he has always had a passion for travel, seeing much of the world during his business and personal ventures.

Traveling both for business and with his family, he has been able to travel to Bali, Brazil, China, Dubai, Greece, Japan, Mexico, across Europe and the USA such as in Miami, New York, San Francisco, and many other wonderful cities and countries around the world. At each stop, Bruno enjoys getting to know everything he can about the local people, history and culture. Given his extensive travel schedule and the many hours he spends every year in the air and on the tarmac, Bruno has developed a passion for both movies and books.

He spent many years in France for his education where he received both a Master of Science from the Université Claude Bernard and a Master of Engineering from the Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers. It was in this time that he nurtured his love of business improvement, innovation and a vision of the promises of Digitization.


Over his career spanning three decades, Bruno has worked for a number of globally influential companies and has established himself as a leader in the digital space. He was the CIO of Haubtmann-Stronglight for over five years where he oversaw all of the company’s information systems and technology architecture.

He then moved on to Ernst & Young when an opportunity emerged to be a consultant specializing in auditing and management consulting for a large number of businesses across the industries and in the public sector.

When he had accomplished all he had wanted at Ernst & Young, Bruno went on to form a 15+ year career with Nestle, where he held a number of executive level roles including the Headquarter CIO, AVP Head of Central Support Center, AVP Head of Global Deployment and Integration, and VP Head of Nestlé Business Technology Centre, finishing up his final three years as the VP Global Head of Digital Services. He helped the company build out and streamline their robust set of enterprise technologies and digital capabilities, enabling the company to tackle more complicated and in-depth business initiatives across all digital platforms. He managed a talented international team of marketing and business technology specialists. Additionally, he regularly spoke at important industry conferences including Forrester and Microsoft Perspectives. Bruno Villetelle’s proven track record of success has established him as a digital thought leader, and he now holds the position of Chief Digital Officer at Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Ltd.

While the world has seen a lot of new digital solutions come to market in the past few decades, Bruno believes there are still incredible opportunities to make significant contributions to healthcare and the world.

What Bruno excels at more than anything is identifying digital and industry related trends and translating those insights into opportunities for business innovations. By merging his corporate understanding with a startup and venture capital mindset and tactics, he is able to approach every idea with the industry knowledge of a seasoned professional and the versatility of a skilled leader who isn’t afraid to roll up his sleeves.

We are at the forefront of a world of value adding, personalized experiences, and participation. With evolving consumer motivations and preferences, Bruno is committed to help delivering an integrated and personalized online user experience that yields clear value, engagement, and loyalty.

As a frequent speaker at global events and advisory member to multiple vendors, Bruno plays a key role in the advancement of merging science, technology, and customer insights to transform the customer experience and improve people’s lives in ways big and small.

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