In recent years, the focus on promoting diversity and inclusion has become a greater focus in the job force, particularly when it comes to the benefits of having women within the workplace. The growth of women in the workplace has helped lead to a transformation of how the workforce functions as a whole. This has become especially apparent for the impact of women within the technology sector. Digital health and technology expert Bruno Villetelle had the opportunity to speak with two prominent women within technology, named Elizabeth (Liz) Theophille, and Adama Ibrahim.

Technology expert Liz Theophille had the opportunity to speak on her experience as a woman working with the technology sector and what advantages she believes that women can bring to the workplace. In addition to helping to transform the workplace, she has seen that women tend to be very intuitive and understand how to employ strategic thinking and problem-solving skills when faced with difficult situations. 

Additionally, while there has been significant progress for women in recent years, she believes that there is still a lot of work to be done to achieve true diversity and inclusion. Given that Liz was only one of two females to complete her college program, the need for greater diversity and inclusion in the workplace remains high. 

For Adama Ibrahim, her experiences have been positive since beginning her career within technology, specifically because of the opportunity to work with other up-and-coming female professionals. Having the chance to work with other successful females in technology has allowed her to thrive in her own professional role. Not only has work with other females been beneficial in developing her own skills, but it encourages her to put her best foot forward each day. 

The attention to detail, strategy-building capabilities, and overall trusting approach that women take can help improve the way that countless industries function. This is especially true within the technology industry and will only continue to shift how the workplace functions in the coming years. 

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