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Why Curiosity matters

Francesca Gino

March 03, 2020, Harvard Business Review

Data & Digital Take away’s from J.P. Morgan 2020

Bruno Villetelle

January, 2020, J.P.Morgan 2020

7 Business Models reshaping how we work, live and create value

Peter Diamandis

January, 2020, Singularity University

Five rules for leading in a digital world

Deborah Ancona

Decembre, 2019, MIT SLoan

Bruno Villetelle, EyeforPharma keynote

Bruno Villetelle

April, 2017, Humanifesto Studios

The Digital Healthcare Evolution

Bruno Villetelle

March 1, 2016, PharmExec

1+1 = 3 on Nestlé’s digital journey

Stuart Lauchlan

June 10, 2013, Diginomica

Connectivity and Openness in the Covid-19 Era

Bruno Villetelle

May 7,2020, Blog post

Innovation at the Intersection of Clinical Trials and Real-World Data Science to Advance Patient Care

Brandon Swift, Lokesh Jain, Craig White, Vasu Chandrasekaran, Aman Bhandari, Dyfrig A. Hughes and Pravin R. Jadhav

February 13,. 2020, Clin Transl Sci

Into Pharma’s roaring twenties

Paul Simms

January 2020, EyeforPharma

Meet Pharma’s digital chiefs

Sara Holoubek

March 2019, MM&M

Use of In-Game Rewards to Motivate Daily Self-Report Compliance: Randomized Controlled Trial

Sara Taylor, Craig Ferguson, Fengjiao Peng, Magdalena Schoeneich, Rosalind W Picard

January 3, 2020, Journal of Medical Internet Research - MIT Media Lab

Diffusion of innovation

Bruno Villetelle

Septembre, 2017, A.T. Kearney

EyeForPharma 2017 Barcelona Highlights

EyeForPharma Barcelona

April, 2017, Agnitio

AT Kearney Digital Business Experience–Zurich, 2017

AT Kearney Digital Business Experience

Jan 23, 2017, AT Kearney

McKinsey: pharmaceutical companies how to win in the digital world?

David Champagne, Amy Hung, and Olivier Leclerc

December 2015, McKinsey & Company

World Economic Forum Intwerview

World Economic Forum Interview

September, 2015, Chinese TV (CCTV)